Frequently asked questions


What is the philosophy of the "All Around Strong" coaching system?

The "All Around Strong" coaching system is designed to improve one's functional strength while increasing their mental fortitude. This system incorporates the following training protocols, when applicable:

  • Assisted Dynamic Stretching
  • Bodyweight Training
  • Boxing Conditioning
  • Resistance Training

What do you mean by "Mental Fortitude"?

Mental fortitude is another way of saying, "mental toughness". Whereas some training modalities focus solely on external goals (e.g. building muscle), the AAS system also focuses on strengthening an athletes/clients mental toughness through accountability protocols and the fitness component itself, resulting in a strong body and strong mind. Thus helping them become "All Around Strong".

What is an "Active Lifestyle"?

With regards to the context of All Around Strong, LLC, people with "Active Lifestlyes" are those who are constantly incorporating physical & mental energy in their lies on a consistent bases, whether in business, hobby, sport and/or life in general.

Who is an ideal client of All Around Strong, LLC?

GENDER(S): Adult Men & Women
OCCUPATION: Athlete (Recreational or Professional) Blue Collar Worker Business Professional
INCOME: $50K+ Annually GOALS: 1. Build real world strength 2. Develop lean body compisition 3. Eat according to body type and life style. 4. Establish discipline 5. Increase Focus PERSONALITY: Competitive

Do you train the youth?

At this time, we are focused on training adults at least 18 years old, though there are exceptions when applicable. As the brand grows, the opportunity for more services, including youth coaching, will defintely be considered.


What is "In Home Training"?

A concierge service in which training sessions are conducted at an athletes/clients home, place of business, apartment gym, etc... This type of service is sometimes referred to as, "On Location Training".

Is "In Home Training" provided in the District (DC) or throughout the DMV as a whole?

At the current time, the Ward 4 area of Upper NW DC is the primary area for in home personal training. This is subject to change.

Do you train in groups?

Yes, when space allows, small groups up to 4 clients/athletes (per training session) are permitted. However, keep in mind that "In Home Training" is usually delivered in a 1 on 1 setting, especially when the training sessions are held at one's personal residence.

What are the durations of the training sessions?

Training sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes. The client is responsible for warming up on their own for up to 15 minutes, prior to start of session.

Is 30 minutes enough time to get a quality personal training session?

Absolutely. The "All Around Strong" training system is not bodybuilding, where upwards of 2 hours are needed to complete a session. Rather it is compromised of continous real world functional movements performed at moderate to high intensity which strengthens the body while burning unnecessary body fat in a timely manner.

What if I don't have my own equipment?

The body can get strong with or without external resistance. Your training program will be designed based on your goals, lifestlye and personal equipment, if applicable. With that said, functional training equipment (e.g. resistance bands) will be provided during training sessions, when applicable.

Do you sell personal training packages?

In Home Training" sessions are provided in blocks of 10 (Strong Package), 25 (Very Strong Package) and 50 (All Around Strong Package) personal training sessions. Additional add-ons (accountability measures, body metric assessments, nutrition coaching) are included.

What are the prices of personal training packages?

Select people are ideal candidates for the "All Around Strong In Home Training" service. Therefore potential clients must complete the following steps before pricing is addressed: 1. Complete Online Submission Form
2. Phone Consultation At conclusion of "Phone Consultation" the price for each training package is presented.

How do I learn more?

If interested All Around Strong's "On Location" training, please fill out the submission form (link). You will be contacted within 24 hrs of receipt.


What is Online Personal Training?

Online Personal Training is an online coaching system where training sessions are delivered through the use of technology via the "All Around Strong" mobile app. The overall focus of the All Around Strong personal training is based on progressive volume. In other words, clients perform basic functional movements (primarily bodyweight) based on improving reps and/or same numebr of reps in less time each week for the alotted training program.

Do I need equipment?

No. The online coaching program is adaptable to athletes/clients with or without fitness equipment.

Is there accountability with Online Personal Training?


In fact, there may be more accountability with Online Personal Training than with traditional gym setting training, due to the fact that athletes/clients will be expected to check-in through the "All Around Strong" mobile app throughout each week within the training program.

What is the process for enrolling in Online Personal Training?

1. Complete Online Submission Form
2. Phone Consultation (Agree to price)
3. Complete Health and Fitness Questionnaire
4. 1 week trial
5. In Person Assessment (if within 5 miles of Ward 4 DC)


I see that you train boxers. Do you teach the sport of boxing?

My experience with fighters is in the strength and conditioning aspect. I do blend mitt work, drills when applicable, but from a conditioning aspect.

Does "All Around Strong" work with fighters just for training camps, fight by fight basis, or year round?

All of the above.

How exactly do you train fighters?

I first listen to the needs of the fighters from the manager, trainer and/or fighter themselves. In other words, whatever focuses are needed, are addressed with respect to sparring schedule and time available (e.g. length of training relationship)

Do you provide nutritional support for fighters to assist with making weight for fight night?

Yes, if requested.

How do I learn more?

If you are manager, trainer or fighter and are interested in All Around Strong's strength & conditioning fighters services, please fill out the submission form (link). You will be contacted within 24 hrs of receipt.


What is nutrition coaching?

Nutrition coaching is a system in which the athlete/client will eat according to their body type & lifestyle. You are expected track your basic nutrition consumption through the "All Around Strong" mobile app.

Do you provide meal plans?

No. Through my experience, meal plans are not effective as nutrition coaching.

Do you suggest nutritional supplements?

Yes. I have invested in my own online nutritional supplement store. These supplements are 100% natural (free of filters) and are gerard towards people with active lifestyles.