All Around Strong, LLC Interview - James "JD" Dixon

James Dixon, BA, CPT



After working as a personal trainer at a commercial gym for a couple of years, I became an independent trainer in 2010. I mainly trained my clients by subleasing gym space; starting out at Spirit Anacostia Health & Wellness in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast DC before transitioning to the Hard Training Club and ultimately Fit 360 DC, both in Northwest DC. I collectively trained in these establishments for a few years up until 2015, before I realized I had outgrown paying for shared training space. It was time for me to start my own official business. I registered the name "All Around Strong" (LLC), as it speaks to my belief that physical and mental strength go hand in hand. 

Shortly after establishing the business, I located a 500 square ft. studio for lease in my neighborhood on Kennedy St. in the NW section of Washington, DC (locally referred to as "Uptown"), I leased this studio for close to two years and was making great strides in the local community. It was around this time however, that my third child was born. I knew that the overhead of maintaining a commercial brick and mortar training business would be too much to take on with the new addition to the family, so I made the decision to leave the studio and began shifting my focus towards growing the brand in other ways.

I began to research ways that could provide a valuable service as a personal trainer while not having to always train clients in person. While researching, I came across the Online Training Academy (OTA) and enrolled and eventually completed my Online Trainer Academy Certification. Since earning this prestigious credential, I have continued to develop my niche in coaching people online to become mentally and physically stronger; while continuing my in person personal training services. 


The active lifestyle of today calls for targeted, intuitive fitness support that often extends outside of the walls of a gym; something most training facilities simply aren’t able to provide.