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All Around Strong, LLC is a personal training brand and self development blog that helps active people build functional strength & mental toughness. 


James Dixon, BA, CPT


There's strong.

then there's All Around Strong.


"I really enjoyed the training. It embodies the name of this company All Around

Strong. We worked every muscle group sometimes with isolation and others as complex movement that worked multiple groups simultaneously. Definitely recommend to all types of fitness levels from just starting, to the professional athlete."


Austin "No Doubt" Trout

Professional Boxer

1x World Champion

"As an aspiring personal trainer, training with James showed me how everything I was learning in my own studies would eventually be applied to my future clients."


"Working with All Around Strong was a great way to get high quality training in while I was on break from school."

Malik Gant, Safety
Marshall University


"Working with All Around Strong was a great way to get high quality training in while on break from school."

Malik Gant
New England Patriots

Marshall University Alumni

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After working as a personal trainer at a commercial gym for a couple of years, I became an independent trainer in 2010. I mainly trained my clients by subleasing gym space; starting out at Spirit Anacostia Health & Wellness in the Anacostia neighborhood of Southeast DC before transitioning to the Hard Training Club and ultimately Fit 360 DC, both in Northwest DC. I collectively trained in these establishments for a few years, before I realized I had outgrown paying for shared training space.


I have a room in the basement of my house which I had converted into a home gym. I figured this would be a good space to train my clients so after obtaining a home occupation permit I utilized the home studio for training my clients and chose the name, All Around Strong. Shortly thereafter in early 2016, I formed All Around Strong, LLC.

Shortly after establishing the business, I located a 500 square ft studio for lease in my neighborhood on Kennedy St. in the NW section of Washington, DC (locally referred to as "Uptown"). I met with the landlord and 3 months later, I was given the keys to the studio. After all the years of subleasing gym space and training clients in my home gym, I finally had a commercial training studio. I leased this studio for close to two years and was making great strides. It was around this time however that my third child was born. I knew that the overhead of a brick and mortar training business would be too much to take on with the new addition to the family, so I made the decision to leave the studio and began shifting my focus towards growing the brand beyond training.

I began to research how I could provide a valuable service as a personal trainer while not having to always train clients in person. While researching, I came across the Online Training Academy (OTA) and enrolled and eventually earned my Online Trainer Academy Certification. Since earning this prestigious credential, I have transitioned to mobile personal training while continuing to develop my niche in coaching people online to become mentally and physically stronger via the "All Around Strong" branded mobile app.


Most recently, I have started the All Around Strong blog to chronicle using fitness training as a tool to sharpen the mind, which hopefully will inspire others. The active lifestyle of today calls for targeted, intuitive fitness support that often extends outside of the walls of a gym, something most training facilities simply aren’t able to provide.


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