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Developing mental strength is just as important as developing physical strength, if not even more so. Often the body is capable of more than we believe, and we have to get past our own mental blocks in order to push through to the next level. At All Around Strong, you can learn how to cultivate mental toughness to support your body. Follow these tips to help both in the fight and in preparation for it.

Look at pain and discomfort in a different way. Strength in the body is built through discomfort. Muscles strain and rebuild, becoming stronger than before. The natural mental response to feeling pain is to stop what you are doing. Instead, tell yourself that the pain is making you stronger and push through it. Of course, there are limits; training should be conducted safely and with professional guidance. Ask yourself, "Is this legitimate pain, or productive pain?" All Around Strong can help you recognize and work through productive pain.

Remember past successes. If you have succeeded in doing something in the past, it's easier to tell yourself you can do it again. Do one more push up. Punch just a little faster. Add just a little more weight. When you feel your strength giving out, often it is all in your head. Tell yourself, "My body has done this before. It can do it again." With each success, your overall mindset will change.

Have confidence. It may seem cliché to say "believe in yourself," but belief in failure can be a mental stumbling block that becomes a physical one. A positive attitude can make or break a person in the midst of a physical challenge. If you do fail, use it as a learning experience and spin it into something beneficial.

Indulge only in thoughts that accomplish something. If you sink into your failures and focus on negative aspects of your life, it will poison your physical progression as well. Our thoughts can be our worst enemies. If a thought isn't helping you progress, push it aside and think of something more productive. Focus on what you're doing right instead of what you're doing wrong. If you're weak in an area, tell yourself, "Great! I have a clear goal for the future." With the right mental fortitude, weaknesses can become strengths.

Ready to develop your mental toughness and become All Around Strong? Contact me to get started!

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