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Yesterday, I was watering my plants & flowers and noticed how long they have lasted in this hot summer here in the nation's capitol. The flowers are seasonal and yet they have maintained their full bloom all summer. A few weeks ago, my pops gave me a banana plant shrub and while watering it was obvious that the strong roots have contributed to it already growing very quickly. Shortly after watering the plants, my lawn was mowed and it looks as it green as it has looked in quite a while. Afterwards, upon entering the house I realized that the recent upgrades in my home have paid off.

Starting next month I am training to add 10lbs of muscle to my body (stay tuned) so this month I have been performing lots of resistance band and kettlebell work for mobility purposes to prep my body for the high volume training. Usually after doing yard work, I am a little sore afterwards. However this time I felt fine thanks to the recent mobility work.

Each of these examples reinforce the notion that you get out of this world what you put into it. The seasonal flowers in my yard are still peaking due to the constant watering & exposure to sunlight. My lawn looks like a golf course as I have it professionally mowed on a consistent basis. The energy is in my home is more peaceful since adding some cost effective upgrades. My body is more mobile since I made mobility a focus.

What are you reaping and just as importantly, what are you sowing?



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