All Around Strong at 40 & Beyond

I recently reached the milestone birthday of 40. Family and friends have been asking me how does it feel. Though I am not sure what 40 is supposed to feel, I feel just as lively and strong as I did upon any preceding age thus far in my life. If I had to credit my feeling of "40 being the new 30" (if anyone still uses that phrase:)) to my lifestyle.

Humbly speaking, I practice good habits. While I enjoy a glass a quality adult beverage here and there, I can literally go weeks without a sip of anything other than water (outside of my greens liquid supplement). I attribute this feeling like a man over a decade younger than me to a combination of the following:

Adequate Rest

Body weight & Resistance Training

Boxing Conditioning

Quality Food & Nutrition

Strong Mindset

While I eagerly anticipated reaching this recent milestone, it was obvious from my point of view that some people are reluctant about going into their forties mainly due due to lifestyle choices done over a course of the years leading up to that point, It is an excellent feeling knowing that living the All Around Strong way affords one the opportunity to enjoy each new year/decade they are blessed to live.

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