Operation 220 lbs of Muscle (Week 2)

A particular benefit of primarily training for functional strength is that my body is prepared to adjust to a new training stimulus in a timely manner. I say this due to the fact that I just completed Week 2 of "Operation 220 lbs of Muscle" and I feel fresh and ready for each session. I find myself recovering quicker than when focusing on strength training. This information isn't surprising based on my knowledge of how the body responds to strength training versus training for hypertrophy. With that said, it has been at least a couple of years since I have directed so much detailed focus towards isolating specific muscle groups, and it has been interesting observing the way my body is adju


This week is the start of my journey to putting on 10 plus pounds of muscle. My first workout consisted of a brief but thorough lower body warm-up followed by 5 high volume sets of the following exercises: Elevated Cash Raises (3 of the sets weighted) Stationary Lunges (3 of the sets weighted) Stiff Legged Kettlebell (50lb) Deadlifts Here is is a short clip of me performing a finishing set of calf raises. I usually am not sore after a training session, however the volume and isolated focus of this first session has me somewhat feeling the effects of this high volume training, This workout will be performed 2 times per week. There will also be 2 upper body workouts as well as a high volume

Operation "220 LBS OF MUSCLE"

My primary means of training myself (as well as my clients) is based on setting and completing a goal. I share my goals as well as progress on social media, in particular; Instagram. These goals are usually focused on achievements. For example, my most recent accomplished goal was to perform 100 consecutive pushups which I completed earlier this year. Next week I will begin my newly added training goal:, increasing my bodyweight to 220 lbs by January 2021. At the time of making this goal I weighed 209.1 lbs, so I need to basically add 10lbs of muscle to my frame. I usually don't focus on a weight goal as my training philosophy is generally geared towards strength. However due to the current

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