As I observe the current state of the country, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our society is transitioning to a new age. In recent months I have been paying close attention to local and national media forums. The narrative indicates that a majority of the country is divided on issues such as citizens rights, immigration and law enforcement; just to name a few. There are contrasting points of views on where we are headed as a nation, which is somewhat concerning as a certain percentage of society is easily persuaded to follow what is popular instead of using their own logic to make decisions.

Between the global pandemic, the economy, civil protests and not to mention an upcoming election; there is a major shift happening and it is important that you adapt in a timely manner if you want to stay ahead of the curve. To make things very clear, this blog is not about politics. It is first and foremost a blog dedicated to inspiring people to be physically and mentally strong. As such, it is important that you are ready for this new world as there are a lot of uncertainties. With that said, there are also excellent opportunities to elevate your life.

There is a time and tested quote, "The Strong Will Survive". In these challenging times this quote is as meaningful as it has ever been. The question to ask yourself is are you strong enough to endure the new world?

"All Around Strong, All Day Long"


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