As I observe the current state of the country, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our society is transitioning to a new age. In recent months I have been paying close attention to local and national media forums. The narrative indicates that a majority of the country is divided on issues such as citizens rights, immigration and law enforcement; just to name a few. There are contrasting points of views on where we are headed as a nation, which is somewhat concerning as a certain percentage of society is easily persuaded to follow what is popular instead of using their own logic to make decisions. Between the global pandemic, the economy, civil protests and not to mention an upcoming e


Yesterday, I was watering my plants & flowers and noticed how long they have lasted in this hot summer here in the nation's capitol. The flowers are seasonal and yet they have maintained their full bloom all summer. A few weeks ago, my pops gave me a banana plant shrub and while watering it was obvious that the strong roots have contributed to it already growing very quickly. Shortly after watering the plants, my lawn was mowed and it looks as it green as it has looked in quite a while. Afterwards, upon entering the house I realized that the recent upgrades in my home have paid off. Starting next month I am training to add 10lbs of muscle to my body (stay tuned) so this month I have been pe


When the All Around Strong brand started, blogging was in the vision. Though I have made quite a few posts over the years, it never got off the ground the way it was intended to as I have been more focused on growing the personal training and social media aspects of my business. I recently designed a website for my wife's brand, Coping Trends. This a self help blog with professional resources, sponsored by All Around Strong, LLC. It has been about a week since the site launched and it's already off to an All Around Strong start. While designing the website, I was reminded of the power of writing and ultimately was inspired by my wife's blog to focus on restoring my blog. The interesting part


Everyday we should be trying to better ourselves. Often times people have good intentions on helping others while sacrificing their own ambitions only to be taking for granted. Usually the person(s) who takes you for granted isn't doing so intentionally, but it is easy to just think of where you are or going more so than to remember who helped you get there. It is definitely ok to be strong and help others. In fact, this is what the All Around Strong brand is about; coaching and inspiring people to get physically and mentally strong. With that said, focusing on being the strongest you will help you be that much stronger to others. Being strong requires energy. Being strong for others requi

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