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The world has officially entered the Age of Aquarius. This age is based on energy, freedom, information, humanitarianism and technology. As society advances, so do the people. 20 to 30 years ago, just bench pressing at they gym and eating four to six meals per day was enough in the typical day where one would work a day job then come home, get a workout in then relax for the rest of the evening, Life was more simpler.

So what does being strong look like in this new era? Nowadays the world is much more faster. There are many more tools we have to much our life more comfortable, yet they are not without cost. There is a load of stress for lots of people making ends meet. There is so much information available on the internet that it can actually be overwhelming if usage is not managed responsibly. Being strong now includes additional factors such as practicing intermittent fasting or focusing on a particular eating style suited to one's body type and/or lifestyle; due to both the health benefits and the flexibility offered in these nutrition choices. Services that were once considered luxury, such as massages, are now highly suggested recovery tools for people who live active lifestyle.s.

As briefly stated in this blog post, the new world entails being emotionally, mentally & physically fit. In other words, to thrive in this day and time, it's about being "All Around Strong".


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