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Operation 220 lbs of Muscle (Week 2)

A particular benefit of primarily training for functional strength is that my body is prepared to adjust to a new training stimulus in a timely manner. I say this due to the fact that I just completed Week 2 of "Operation 220 lbs of Muscle" and I feel fresh and ready for each session. I find myself recovering quicker than when focusing on strength training. This information isn't surprising based on my knowledge of how the body responds to strength training versus training for hypertrophy. With that said, it has been at least a couple of years since I have directed so much detailed focus towards isolating specific muscle groups, and it has been interesting observing the way my body is adjusting to this program.

While I am hitting various muscle groups and am recovering quickly, I notice that my legs in particular are responding very well to the training. I am performing high volume workouts training legs two times per week and already feel more dense than when I begin this goal. In my experience as the legs begin to grow; the upper body, especially the chest, seems to grow as well. In two weeks i'll adjust the quantity of volume in workouts and nutritional intake to prep for first weigh-in.

We're off to a strong start!


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