In order to get strong, it is essential that one has  muscle on their frame. Look at any strong athlete and you will see dense muscle. Sure there are a certain percentage of skinny people who are what would be considered strong, however this is not the norm. Most people want a functionally strong body with a low to normal body fat percentage. In order for one to achieve this look, it is highly suggested to build a foundation of lean muscle.

Having more muscle also helps you achieve a lean muscular frame. In an article on WebMD, it is stated that, "muscle tissue burns more body fat, even when you're at rest, than body fat ("". Now do you have to look like your prepping for a bodybuilding competition before focusing on strength? Of course not. With that said, focusing on high volume compound movements (e g. squats) blended with isolated movements such as DB rows (see video above), lateral raises and lunges, just to name a couple, will lead to hypertrophy (e g. muscle growth).

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