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Operation "220 LBS OF MUSCLE"

My primary means of training myself (as well as my clients) is based on setting and completing a goal. I share my goals as well as progress on social media, in particular; Instagram. These goals are usually focused on achievements. For example, my most recent accomplished goal was to perform 100 consecutive pushups which I completed earlier this year.

Next week I will begin my newly added training goal:, increasing my bodyweight to 220 lbs by January 2021. At the time of making this goal I weighed 209.1 lbs, so I need to basically add 10lbs of muscle to my frame. I usually don't focus on a weight goal as my training philosophy is generally geared towards strength. However due to the current state of our country (see previous post), I want to add more muscle to my frame, if anything for peace of mind purposes.

To compete this goal from a nutrition standpoint I am going to increase my daily caloric intake. I will fast during the early portion of the day, while eating a high quantity of protein during the afternoon and evening hours. To ensure enough calories are consumed on a consistent basis, I'll eat a source of a complex carbohydrate before bed. On a training front the focus will be geared towards hypertrophy (muscle growth), particularly high volume training of the smaller muscle groups such as the calves, biceps, triceps as well as the neck area. In addition to social media, I will make regular blog posts on my website as well.

So there you have it. I will eat like a King (no "Kings Disease", shout out to Nas) this holiday weekend and then early next week, begin the journey to 220 pounds of strong muscle!


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