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It goes without saying that physically & mentally fit people are disciplined in the aspect of fueling their bodies with sound nutrition consistently throughout the year.  This often includes the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years). While this is impressive, the question that ponders is could this actually be to strict?

Well, with the athlete in competition and/or in season, it is actually quite alright to induldge in some foods you don't usually consume. In fact, it is actually suggested. From personal experience, enjoying extra servings, a couple of baked goods, holiday treats and so forth are not going to diminish your usual healthy eating habits. You can relax and this non-guilt allows you to enjoy yourself much for gatherings such as family get togethers and holiday parties. 

So feel free to add a pound or two during the holidays. Not only is it not a big deal, it will give you extra motivation to burn the extra fat  and get back to being "All Around Strong" when the New Year arrives! 

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