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In honor of Black History Month, this is a good time to focus on a seldom discussed topic, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Yes this particular movement has a strong voice in the political arena, yet the BLM topic for this blog post focuses on the issue of health and fitness. You see while there are  plenty of African- Americans that are conscious of the importance of practicing sound nutrition habits and working out on a consistent basis, there are also many who are not living optimally.

It's been noted that on average, people of melanin carry certain health risks (e.g. high blood pressure) more so than other ethnic groups. This not only has adverse consequences on the body, but it can also have an affect on the human psyche. A healthy person is a strong person. Therefore taking care of one's physical (as well as mental) well-being should be a high priority. 

So the challenge to the beautiful brother and sisters who aren't taking care of their lives is to focus on the BLM movement from a health and wellness aspect with the same passion many display on the political field. Be assured the results will produce a very "All Around Strong" black population that can inspire future generations which ultimately personifies the phrase, Black Lives Matter!

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