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As a fitness professional I often find myself observing the physical conditioning of people throughout my daily voyage. Residing in the nation's capitol, there is no shortage of people to observe throughout my travels throughout the day. What I often notice in these observations is that the people who appear to be in good shape, tend to attract good energy. Let me explain further ... I am with the mindset that energy is the flow of life. Most of us have seen the effect of being around high energy people.These people provide an electric charge to those within their presence. When I see those with lots of material wealth (e.g. cars, clothes, jewelry) but lacking in physical wealth, beneath the surface I see unfocused energy. Even if they are "energetic", that energy is not genuine in terms of living in healthy abundance. In the contrary, the people who may appear to be frugal in terms of their material wealth , yet clearly are in good physical condition, seem project a strong radiant flow of energy without saying a word. Is this to say that material & physical health cannot coexist; absolutely not. What is does suggest is that when one values their health & wellness as their top source of wealth, their return on investment is ten fold. Being in sound health allows you to experience the best of life. When you're in good physical shape there is a strong carry over to all aspects of life (e.g. career, family). If you are not at your best health & wellness wise, do something about it. The only one responsible for you is well you. Once you accept this and experience good health, you'll be truly wealthy.



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