One primary benefit of everyday strength training (also referred to as Functional Training) is the significant carryover to activities of daily living. Examples of activities of daily living involve performing physical activities such as carrying heavy bags of groceries to rearranging furniture. I personally think most people who want to get in good physical shape should consider training for everyday strength as it is applicable in any life situation. In addition to the carryover to everyday living, everyday strength training has other benefits as well (e.g. improving posture, developing confidence). Wiith that said, here are 3 tips on how to train for everyday strength beyond the gym:

1. FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENTS Foundational movements are ideal for developing everyday strength. Any sensible building project will start with a strong foundation. When contractors build a house, they start with the foundation before installing windows. Strength training should be no different. When training for everyday strength, focus on foundational protocols and the rest will follow. Examples include deadlifts, farmers walks, lunges, pushups and so forth.

2. MOBILITY Everyday strength is not just about using strength in terms of force production; it also has to do with the simplicity in which you can use such strength. The ability to move freely without any discomfort or limitation(s) is priceless. Incoropate movements in your training program that promote mobility (e.g. dynamic warm-ups, yoga) and you will find out how important being mobile is in connection with being strong.

3. REPETITION The key to getting good at anything is constant practice. The best professional athletes aren't always that much more talented than their peers, rather they are more consistent with perfecting their craft. When thinking of activities of daily living, these are activities that we perform on a consistent basis. Focus on training techniques that carry over to everyday strength on a consistent basis and you'll immediately notice an increase in your quality of life.

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